Desmond van der Winden



September 2019 - Present


Daan de Jong (Manager)
+31 (0) 6 - 42 66 21 24

University of Leiden

DevOps Cloud Linux Engineer

Leiden University is an internationally oriented university with a wide range of talent-oriented education for good and motivated students, inspired by scientific research.


- Senior Linux DevOps Engineer
- Team member of Scrum team for data migrations from old local servers to LUCI (Leiden University Cloud Infrastructure)
- Programming Bash and Python scripts for inventorying environments
- Working with RedHat Satellite
- Developing Puppet configurations for server migrations
- Working with Ansible and developing playbooks for migrations
- Development of custom scripts linked to DirectAdmin API
- Migration process and management of Islandora platform for Leiden University library.
- Migration of EZ Proxy platform
- Configure and manage F5 Load balancers
- Documentation for all migrations in Atlassian Confluence
- Work in 2 weekly scrum sprints with a team of 15 people (Atlassian Jira)
- Migrations of various applications on virtual servers and bare metal servers to VMWare Horizon Enterprise
- Working with RHEL, SUSE, CentOS, Solaris and Unix
- Part of LAMP Migration team (3 people)


May 2019 - August 2019


Mr. Fred Smulders (Manager)
+31 (0) 70 - 20 40 355

Fox IT - NCC Group

DevOps Senior Linux Specialist

Fox-IT is a Dutch company in the field of computer and network security. It deals with advice, IT products and training. The head office is in Delft. Their biggest clients are governments, financial institutions and companies in the field of vital infrastructure.

- Senior Linux DevOps Engineer
- Opzetten van plan voor migratie van CI/CD Dev Straat
- Migraties van verschillende omgevingen
- Migratie van bestaand platform naar High Availability / Fail over Cluster
- Opzetten en inrichten Google Cloud infrastructuur (GCP Cloud) services
- Migratie en conversie van data en software
- Migratie van Debian omgevingen met services zoals Jenkins, Docker, Atlassian (Jira en BitBucket), PostgreSQL en Build Slaves op basis van Bare metal machines
- Migratie van machines met VM-Ware Workstation Enterprise
- Migratie en administratie met Puppet (Enterprise) en Ansible


January 2019 - May 2019


B. Roethof (Project Manager)
+31 (0) 88 - 866 00 00


DevOps Engineer - GitLab Specialist

The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organization.

TNO's mission is to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of society. TNO cooperates with partners and focuses on nine social domains.

- Senior Linux Administrator, migration engineer and CI / CD implementations
- Managing migration platform between SVN, GIT and GITHub to newly developed platform
- Development and design of a new platform for launching applications based on Github
- Working in a departmental confidential environment and confidential environment
- GitLab Community and Enterprise Editions
- Developing opportunities with GitLab runners in a multilevel environment of different networks
- Working with Oracle Peopletools 8.56
- Working with Docker and Omnibus system
- Migrations from RedMine to GitLab Enterprise and management of RedMine
- Migrations from Subversion Edge platform to GitLab
- Implementation of Kerberos, MFA and other 3rd party authentication systems
- Managing and migrating TeamForge with more than 900 projects
- Meetings with management team for information provision and explanation of ICT within TNO
- Giving demonstrations for future possibilities and cost-saving solutions
- Management in various networks, government-protected environment, TNO internally secured and a collaborations environment
- AS-IS upgrades of servers and platform based on CI
- Use and management of Microsoft Hyper-V
- Use of Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux
- Employed in a team of 15 at the Information Services and IT Management department TNO.


August 2015 - Present


DP van der Winden
+31 (0) 85 -130 8333


Chief Executive Officer

Web hosting company for small businesses and multinationals operating with different Windows and Linux servers. Services such as High Availability and Load balancing solutions.

- Configure and manage Linux Servers based on CentOS, Ubuntu and CloudLinux environments
- Use Ansible configuration software
- Manage and use OpenStack, OpenShift, Git and Subversion
- Work as Agile / Scrum DevOps Engineer
- Managing HA Clusters on Cephfs
- Management of Cloud platforms with DC / OS and Mesos
- Services management of Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, OpenStack and SAP
- Linux Bash scripting and Python programming
- Windows Power Shell Management
- Management of Linux environments for third parties (hosting, web design and marketing companies)
- VMWare / ESX Virtual Server Management
- SolusVM Virtualization Management
- Zabbix, Grafana, collectd and Kibana monitoring and statistics
- Management and development of LibreNMS Monitoring system
- Use of Apache Nifi
- Specialized in Magento and WordPress optimizations
- Use and management of Memcache, Redis , APC and Reverse Proxy Caching
- Management of difference lende CI / CD streets with Ansible, Pupper, Docker, Jenkins, Maven and Kubernetes
- Management of hosting platform through DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk
- Extensive management of Apache, Nginx, PHP5, PHP7, Bind, Exim, Dovecot, sshd, OpenSSL, Certbot and LetsEncrypt
- Customized management of CSF / LFD firewalls with iptables
- Setting up and managing various networks (private and public)
- Setting up and managing platforms with many data traffic and BGP Peering on different Internet Exchanges
- Use of WHMCS and WeFact administration software
- Setting up and managing PowerAdmin with MySQL master / slave replication at 3 geographical locations
- Database management and optimization of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle
- Managing team of 6 FTE


August 2013 - November 2018


D. Polak (IT Manager)
+31 (0) 180 - 393837

LC Packaging International

Freelance Linux Specialist

LC Packaging is the market leader in Europe for all agri-cultural packaging and bulk bags, FIBC and big bags. As a freelance linux system administrator I am responsible for managing all Windows and Linux hosting and application servers.

- Installation and management of Linux Server based on CentOS or Ubuntu
- Migrations and management of Linux servers and various services
- Working on the basis of SCRUM
- PHP development: programming a custom module for Magento with SAP integration
- Consultancy and support for Management Team
- Development of custom WordPress platform with service for creating marketing websites
- Second-line support for local IT department
- DNS System management - - Consultant for complex IT solutions focused on internet segment
- Setting up work protocols for web hosting platforms
- Setting up complete uptime and performance platform


April 2004 - June 2017


R. Reinink (CEO)
+31 (0) 180 - 743 302

Volvo mobility center

Freelance System and Network Administrator

Freelance system and network manager for the largest Volvo dealer in the Rotterdam region. In the current position I manage all Windows servers, 110 workstations and other devices. Mobility Center Volvo de Jong has 3 physical locations that are interconnected with fiber optic connections.

- Windows system management and maintenance
- Network manager and fiber optic network management via Vodafone network
- Configuring and managing routers and switches
- System updates and user support
- PlanIT Software management - - Management of Volvo software VIDA and iDAS hosted in Sweden
- Management of Linux Intranet services on Slackware and Apache / MySQL
- Management of AS400 Infrastructure and servers
- Management of Active Directory in your own local network
- Use of Microsoft Virtualization based on Hyper-V
- Cisco switches and router management
- Network cabling work (UTP, STP and Fiber optic)
- Project manager in IT Projects


October 2016 - April 2018


T. Stok (CEO)
+31 (0) 88 - 99 00 106

Regent Mobile Security

DevOps Engineer - Windows and Linux Administrator

Regent Mobile is part of Regent Mobile Security and is concerned with tracing and remote reading and logging of data from mobile objects. We call this "Connecting Mobile Assets". Regent Mobile is (inter) nationally active in various sectors such as construction, transport, agricultural mechanization, automotive, marine, but also in various sectors within the government and municipalities.

- Senior Windows and Linux Administrator
- Management of Linux and Windows Servers
- Management and implementation of Data Science Virtual Machines in Azure
- Developing Data Science Workflows for Microsoft Azure
- Rolling out new Linux and Windows environments in secure networks
- Microsoft Azure Management with ARM Shell for management purposes
- Use of Microsoft Azure Resource Manager for resource reporting and license management
- Management platform of MySQL Master / Slave synchronization
- Cloud management
- Management and management of Kubernetes
- Management of CI / CD Security environment


June 2018 - April 2019


D. Kubitza (Director)
+380 (0) 99 - 035 84 16

Decentralized Crypto Token

Crypto Advisor - Blockchain Developer

- Advisor Blockchain Crypto Networks
- Advice based on Certified Blockchain Export v2 diploma
- Implementing token places on various international platforms
- Network advisor and marketing advice
- Certified CryptoCurrency Expert at BlockChain Counsil
- Linux (CentOS and CloudLinux) Network Administrator
- Member of think tank and brainstorming sessions for new business opportunities


August 2015 - January 2018


DP van der Winden (Director)
+31(0)6 - 55 559 559

Blue Lemon BV

Linux Engineer - OpenStack Engineer

Blue Lemon BV is an all-round web development agency and IT service provider. From developing Magento web shops, WordPress websites, iOS and Android apps to rolling out and managing complete networks with more than 200 workstations. Blue Lemon runs entirely on an extensive freelancer network.

- Implementation and main administrator of OpenStack environment
- Rolling out various OpenStack environments
- DevOps Engineer
- Head of development and engineering team
- Project management web development
- Use of Ansible software
- SCRUM and Agile working methods
- System development and version management with GitLab
- Coldfushion scripting and design
- CGI and Perl scripting
- Scrum master for devops team


December 2016 - January 2019


C. Frasca (General Director)
+41 (0) 44 - 552 84 85


Blockchain Technology technical advisor

BitBauer is a Swiss startup specialized in Blockchain technologies and is run by verified and certified Blockchain experts. The company advises investors on the fast-moving crypto market and provides the possibilities of using Blockchain implementations for different companies or governments.

- Consultant for Blockchain Technologies
- Certified consultant (Certified Blockchain Expert v2)
- Member of the management team
- Advice on complex networking options
- Member of the think tank and brainstorming sessions for new possibilities regarding blockchain


February 2016 - March 2018


C. Frasca (Customer)
+41 (0) 44 - 552 84 85


Senior System Administrator and Web Development

Ornion is one of the first companies to assemble and deliver Ethereum and Bitcoin mining rigs. As the owner of the webshop, thousands of customers have been delivered.

- Web development of a complete network with 12 Magento 2.0 stores
- Research and development of mining computers
- Assembling mining rigs
- Installation of complete mining farms on location
- Research, optimization and overclocking of Nvidia and AMD video cards
- Maintain customer relationships
- Use of different mining pools
- Modification of firmwares and drivers
- Leading 15 FTEs


May 2014 - July 2017


W. Otten (Owner)
+31 (0) 35 - 695 2934

Holland Garden BV

Interim Director

Holland Garden BV was a company in Emmeloord that sold decorative paving, ground materials and stones. As an interim manager, I was responsible for increasing sales by starting online sales and online marketing.

- Development of custom Magento 2.0 webshop
- Management of Magento store
- Online marketing tasks with the help of SalesForce
- Interim and project management
- Process and order monitoring


March 2013 - August 2015


W. de Bue (Director)
+31(0)6 - 46 222 891

Futuremind App International BV

Team lead and project manager

Project manager, DevOps engineer and core developer for the iOS / Android app The Journalist. This app gives the average person the opportunity to present news up close from the mobile phone.

- iOS App development and implementation with XCode and Adobe Photoshop
- Testing and management of infrastructure on CentOS Linux with MariaDB and MySQL.
- Load Balancing Cluster management for data traffic and management
- Writing documentation and devising new projects and options
- Leading the DevOps team
- Management of hosting environment for news database (MySQL)
- Leading 3 FTEs


February 2011 - August 2015


M. Zecevic (Technical Director)
+31 (0) 88 - 84 25 537

Tickles BV

Founder and Director

Founder and Commercial Director of Tickles BV. Leading all commercial and technical services. Daily management of a team of 25 employees, full stack developpers, designers and front end developpers. Development of Magento platform, WordPress websites and custom PHP programming for SMEs and multinationals.

- Daily manager of the company
- Project manager for projects of middle and high segment customers
- Magento web development (Magento 1.x and 2.x)
- WordPress development and custom PHP scripting
- Management of all Linux systems and GIT Development platforms
- Managing internal scrum teams
- Manager for employees (Human Resources)
- Leading 25 FTEs


January 2013 - July 2015


H. Paulussen (Technical Director)
+31 (0) 6 - 1153 0564

Nitro Networks BV

Founder and Director

Nitro Networks designs turnkey data center solutions and manages BGP fiber optic connections. Depending on the situation and requirements of the customer, all kinds of different services are offered and managed. A combination of data center services and the provision of 10 Gbit fiber optic networks ensure a complete and secure solution. Nitro Networks owns dozens of fiber optic connections throughout Western Europe to serve its customers.

- Management of company
- Set up functional and technical designs for the design of various data centers
- Installation of data centers
- Daily management of Cisco BGP Networks
- Conducting negotiations about connections with partners such as Eurofiber and Relined
- Management of data center projects


May 2003 - September 2014


A. Gerritsen (Director)
+31 (0) 85 - 210 20 73

w3Media BV

Company owner - Linux Administrator

Own web hosting company with more than 300 Linux and Windows servers housed in 3 different data centers. Head office located in Datahouse Spijkenisse.

- Installation and management of more than 300 servers on CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD and Windows
- Configuration of switches and routers for internal network and BGP data traffic
- Resolving problems for users within a web hosting environment
- Management of Gitlab platform and implementation of migrations for development customers
- Data center installations of servers
- Sales meetings with new customers
- Project management and manager
- Leading 3 FTEs


May 1999 - June 2005


L. van der Slot (Director)
+31 (0) 88 - 130 8130

FuTec Systems BV

Head of technical service

As head of the technical department, I was responsible for assembling computer hardware and installations of servers and workstations for medical clients such as hospitals, doctor's offices, general practitioners, dentists and pharmacies.

- Controlling assembly computer hardware
- Installation of desktop computers and servers through Microsoft Active Directory
- Implementation of Windows Update Service
- Configuring Windows NT4, 2000 and 2003 servers
- Migrations and installation of Microsoft Exchange projects
- Administrator of a local indoor data center with 16 server cabinets
- Driving 4 FTEs


February 2000 - September 2001


W. ten Hoeve (Director)
+31 (0) 6 - 46 222 890

ServerShop BV

Partner and System administrator

In 2000, ServerShop was the first and only online retail store that sold complete server systems within the Benelux. Pre-installed servers that could be used directly by customers.

- Assembling and installing web hosting rack servers
- Assembly, installation and optimization of servers based on Red Hat Linux
- Customer support and installations in different data centers
- Programming a customized PHP webshop with online payment options
- Official SuperMicro partner and business development


August 1997 - May 2000


A. Lantink (Partner)
+31(0)79 - 711 35 00

Xventus Networks

Company owner - Linux Administrator

Xventus Networks was a small web hosting company with 4 server racks filled with servers in a private suite in a data center in Rotterdam. As the Dutch founder of bringing budget hosting from America, Xventus was way ahead of its time.

- Installation of network and routers
- Installation and assembly custom built servers (based on RedHat Linux 5.2)
- Manage hosting server and switches
- Development of a 24/7 monitoring platform based on PHP / MySQL in combination with SMS notifications
- Develop and build an access system for colocation customers


April 1997 - August 1998


D. Karsten (CEO)
+31 (0) 20 - 7755 000

UPC Netherlands

Freelance Network Administrator

UPC Netherlands was the second largest cable supplier in the Netherlands which provides cable television (digital and analogue), broadband internet and telephone services to private individuals and business users. I managed the systems and the network and in particular the web servers, use net servers and mail servers based on Red Hat Linux in Amsterdam.

- Third line support for help desk and back office
- Manage and maintain servers for optimum work experience
- Updating servers with the latest software and patch management
- Configuring new servers and installation hardware
- Manager of a small team of 5 FTEs